Sarsekim - Fathom The Spheres

Release date: 3 April 2009
Style: Death metal


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01. The Consummate Destroyer
02. Continuing The Torment Of Confinement
03. Divining The Vital Source
04. Fragments Of The Unknown
05. The Transition
06. Sequestration
07. Noxious
08. The Tangible Being
+ With Absence Of Warning [video]
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You may have heard of this South Australian Black/Death Metal band through their 2005 EP "Paroxysm" and subsequent review on Metal Storm. At any rate, Sarsekim have been around since 1998, made two EPs and have just released their debut album "Fathom The Spheres". If you haven't heard of the music of Sarsekim it's basically Technical Death Metal with a kind of blackened feeling about it. Not only that but they throw in a fair bit of melody into the mix. It's actually quite an interesting mix of extreme and somewhat melodic. Let's dissect this diverse ball of metal a bit further though.

published 15.07.2009 | Comments (3)

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