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Dadabovic - Carbamazépine

Release date: 2007
Style: Hardcore


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01. Dada El Professor
02. Serial Kinedeur
03. Barbecul Ensoleillé
04. Paul Pau
05. Tsou Mamy
06. Harry Tmetic
07. Le bo Harry
08. Butchered by Cesarienne
09. Psyquo Pat' et Squyzo Fred'
10. Hervé Rité
11. Epilepsy
12. Psy-causes
13. Radio Marie-Jo
14. La F(o)uite

Additional info
Label: Thundering Records / Pervade
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France: 2007
Length: 42:47

Line-Up on the CD:
Vocals: Romanescu
Guitars, vocals: Dadabovic
Bass: Janolapov
Drums: Toniatovski

Staff review by
Dadabovic is the name of a funny band from the north of France. This is also the name of the leader who "is" also the main character of Carbamazépine, their first album… A bit like Ultra Vomit, Dadabovic is one of those 2nd degree French band which plays a mix of Hardcore, Death and a lot of other kind of music. We cannot say that it's the best music ever released but the spirit is cool and at least it always works live!

published 04.08.2009 | Comments (0)

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