Rudra - The Aryan Crusade

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Release date: 2001
Style: Death metal, Thrash metal


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01. Intro
02. Aryaputra
03. Hymns To Thee
04. Anantarupa
05. Malevolent Creed
06. Burnt At The Stakes
07. Rudrapatni
08. Amen
09. Homage To The Seers
10. Manifesto Of The Demented
11. Atmavichara
12. Sad But True
13. My Soul Is Marching On
14. I
15. Outro

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"They cheat, they lie, they make you weak,
They can't practice what they preach….
This is the evil that holy men do
In the name of their religion"
"The desperate need for a savior
Is for the fool and the weak"

Rudra released their album "The Aryan crusade" in 2001. This album, consisting of 15 tracks including intro and outro, is a blend of unique thrash/death metal style and Hindu-philosophic and anti-Christian lyrical themes. The vocals, although similar to black metal vocals, have unique tone and the performance of guitars and drums is well-coordinated. Instruments like violin, flute, tabala (traditional Indian percussion) have been used in the intro and outro, and narration as well as acoustic tone have been used in certain instrumental tracks like "Burnt at the Stakes," "Homage to Seers" and "My Soul is Marching On." The rest of the songs are characterized by the band's unique "thrash-death" vocals, distorted guitars (which are melodic except at certain parts) and also by other things like speed, which one would expect in a fusion of thrash and death metal music. However, the tempo of the songs in this album is moderate.

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