Merrimack - Grey Rigorism

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Release date: 24 August 2009
Style: Black metal


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01. The Golden Door
02. Omniabsence
03. Kirjath-Ra
04. La Sainteté Du Mal
05. Cold Earth Mourning
06. Grey Rigorism
07. When The Stars Align
08. Désaveu
09. In The Halls Of White Death
10. By Thy Grace

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Some time ago, about a year or two, Black metal saw a huge uprising in one particular area of it, namely the Orthodox area. It seems to have died down now, but it was a pretty vitriolic surge of (Orthodox) Satanism-fuelled, hatred-injected and adrenaline-stimulated Black metal. Firmly rooted in old Mayhem and Darkthrone with often a good production. Well, there are always those that show up late to class, and Merrimack is one of those.

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