Lordi - Babez For Breakfast

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Release date: 10 September 2010
Style: Hard rock, Glam metal


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01. SCG5: It's A Boy!
02. Babez For Breakfast
03. This Is Heavy Metal
04. Rock Police
05. Discoevil
06. Call Off The Wedding
07. I Am Bigger Than You
08. ZombieRawkMachine
09. Midnite Lover
10. Give Your Life For Rock And Roll
11. Nonstop Nite
12. Amen's Lament To Ra
13. Loud And Loaded
14. Granny's Gone Crazy
15. Devil's Lullaby
16. Lord Have Mercy [iTunes bonus] [Japanese bonus]
17. Studs 'N' Leather [Japanese bonus]

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Germany: September 10, 2010
iTunes Store: September 13, 2010
United States: September 14, 2010
Estonia: September 15, 2010
Finland: September 15, 2010
Poland: September 27, 2010
Japan: October 27, 2010

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To be perfectly honest, once my descent into extreme metal started,Lordi went from a beloved band to a curious pastime. Good stuff when you don't want to use your brain and just rock out. Unfortunately, Babez for Breakfast fails to be even that, falling more in the category of: "Whoops, I guess we're gonna have to rely on our masks to make the sales, boys!"

published 21.09.2011 | Comments (4)

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27.09.2010 - 01:06
Rating: 3
Haven't heard the album yet, but whats with all the song names having rock or some similar term in them? Are they trying to convince us of something? >.> Not many songs seem to deal with monsters or dead stuff. I'll still give it a shot, after all, they are just names.
28.09.2010 - 01:38
Rating: 3
Listening to it now. I kind of want to stab my ears and i'm only halfway in.

Edit: Finished. This is a terrible release. I'm a big fan of Lordi, All the albums up to this i've liked a lot, even Deadache. This album, while not a massive change in style, does have a change and most of that is purely in songwriting. The evil lyrics about monsters and ghosts killing people are gone, replaced with happier things like singing about how we need to rock and dance. The music still sounds like Lordi, don't get me wrong, but the lyrics themselves are absolutely horrendous. They put up a few failed attempts at referencing something creepy or weird amongst the happy verses, but they generally end up sounding lame and corny. The only other major difference is the keyboards which seem to play a much larger role in this album than in any previous release. The sound quality seems to be lacking also...

Overall, I gave it a 5 and that's pushing it. Mostly because 'This Is Heavy Metal' is a great song which any Lordi fan would eat up. Other than that though... Devil's Lullaby and Rock Police aren't all bad.
04.10.2010 - 19:03
Worst cover ever!!!
30.05.2011 - 14:57
Rating: 6
Not just cover, this is their worst album.

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