Inner Sanctum - Provenance [EP]

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Release date: 20 September 2009
Style: Death metal, Thrash metal


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01. Agent Of Chaos
02. Quarantine
03. Human Disregard
04. Eye Of False

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Death/Thrash metal
Recorded: Resonance Studios, India 2009
Total Running Time: 13:34

Important to put things into perspective

On first sight Inner Sanctum would look like just another death/thrash metal band, offering nothing new to the scene. But that's not true. Or at least not entirely. Inner Sanctum is an extreme metal outfit emerging from the Indian metal scene. A scene where especially that extreme part is still pretty insignificant for the big audience (I'll bet you anything you can't come up with another Indian death/thrash metal band without consulting Metal Archives. Even watching Global Metal again won't really help you out this time). These guys are pretty much the next big thing in India, already enjoying the fame of a solid live reputation. So maybe from a worldwide, international viewpoint these kind of bands come two a penny... but maybe we need to count Indian rupees now. So from the point of view of the Indian metal scene, Inner Sanctum do have something innovating to put on the market, and apparently they do deliver. What I'm trying to say is, the guys from Inner Sanctum aren't necessarily reinventing the wheel here, though their bold approach to thrash and death metal will certainly change your mind about the Indian metal scene forever.

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