Plasma Pool - Drowning - II [Live]

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Release date: 1997
Style: Electronica


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01. Intro: Fear
02. Brainsucker
03. Sick Of Rain
04. Again
05. Wet Desert
06. Enter To My Me
07. Satellite
08. Chanceless Religion
09. False The Saints
10. Prince Of Fire
11. 1993
12. Outro: Fear

Additional info
Live recordings from 1991-1994.

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I suspect that many of you have already heard the name of Attila Csihar and have experienced the wide variety of insanity that he manages to awaken in us with his vocals. Attila started as a vocalist in the late '80s as a metal vocalist, and later ended up performing vocals for a numerous amount of more experimental projects, such as Sunn O))), Gravetemple, Burial Chamber Trio, et al. Plasma Pool seems to be the first one among them; however, it unfortunately didn't live up to be one of his most famous performances.

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