Voices From Beyond - The Gates Of Madness

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Release date: 26 February 2010
Style: Thrash metal


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01. Terror Screen
02. The Chosen
03. Voices From Beyond
04. Time Dream
05. The Cult Of Madness
06. Don't Change Your Mind
07. Day Of Rebirth
08. The Key Of Doom
09. Welcome You
10. From Beyond

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Thrash metal/Heavy metal
Recorded: Fear Studio, Italy 2009
Label: SG Records
Total Running Time: 51:03

What year is it again?

Voices From Beyond are found on the path where Heavy metal meets Thrash. I'm obviously talking about the purest form of both genres; nothing overly modern/trendy/hip to catch here. With a bit of imagination, there's even a solid dose of speed metal allure to be tasted. But mostly, Voices From Beyond are just a vintage metal prototype band at heart. The band's sound is classic enough in such way that it at least seems they are kicking it old school.

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