Mithras - Sands Of Time [Compilation]

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Release date: 29 March 2010
Style: Atmospheric death metal, Brutal death metal


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01. Gods Among Men [re-recorded 2003 pre 'Worlds...']
02. Ancient Prophecy [re-recorded 2003 pre 'Worlds...']
03. The Caller And The Listener [from 'Bequeath Thy Visions' demo]
04. Bequeath Thy Visions [from 'Bequeath Thy Visions' demo]
05. Transcedence [from 'Bequeath Thy Visions' demo]
06. Vae Solis [from 'Dreaming In Splendour' MCD]
07. Dreaming In Splendour [from 'Dreaming In Splendour' MCD]
08. Wrath Of God [from 'Dreaming In Splendour' MCD]
09. Tomb Of Kings [from 'Tomb Of Kings' demo]
10. As The Wind Blows [from 'Tomb Of Kings' demo]
11. Conquered Realms [from 'Gods Among Men' MCD]
12. Gods Among Men [from 'Gods Among Men' MCD]
13. Ancient Prophecy [from 'Gods Among Men' MCD]
14. Plagued Lands [from 'Gods Among Men' MCD]

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Baz Anderson
Sands Of Time - Early Demos & Rarities is a history lesson for those who were unfamiliar with Mithras in past times, and a reminiscent look back over the demos and old recordings for Leon and Rayner with a booklet of running commentary complete with comments from a few past members.

The CD contains four demo/MCD's of the band's past, re-mastered, running in reverse order from when they were first released. The first two tracks are also re-recordings from 2003 of two of the earliest Mithras tracks, from back when the band went under the name of Imperator.

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