Babylon Mystery Orchestra - The Godless, The Godforsaken, And The God Damned

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Release date: 17 February 2010
Style: Neoclassical


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01. Catspaw
02. Apollo
03. Benai Elohim (Semjaza's Return)
04. A Constitutional Right? (I, Lucifer pt. V)
05. Jesus Save...(I, Lucifer pt. VI)
06. Hate Crime
07. Ruin
08. Viva Cristo Rey!
09. "We" Is Killin' "Me"
10. Godless
11. You're On Your Own...This Time
12. The Twelfth Imam

Staff review by
Doc G.
What is this bag of dicks? Seriously? There's bad music, and then there's music that you start suspecting it to be some sort of inside joke that you just don't understand. Dumbfounded, that's probably the best way I could describe my feelings toward this album. I'm trying to scramble for some form of coherent thought as I listen to this, but frankly the pure garbage coming through my headphones is so disarming it just brings my brain to a screeching halt.

published 23.04.2010 | Comments (27)

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