Nephesh - Inter Armas Silent Leges

Release date: 15 October 2009
Style: Symphonic black metal


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01. Vae Victus
02. Sangre Immortal
03. Tormentors of Sin
04. Death I Will Be Your Death
05. Fortaleza Eterna
06. Psalmorum
07. Sentence Darkness
08. Inter Armas Silent Leges
09. A Cold Breath
10. Symphony Of War
11. Apocalypsis 15 [bonus]

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Style: Symphonic "Black" Metal
Country: Colombia
Label: Nokternal Hemizphear
Length: 43:19

Wolfgang - vocals, bass
Arnold - guitars, clean vocals
Adolpho - guitars
Jonathan - keyboards
Oscar - drums

The debut release from Colombian "Black" Metal band Nephesh is the first release from their studios. It also the first release from their style of music that I've reviewed before. Well...sort of. The band does play Black Metal, a type of music that very much familiar to me but they have Christian lyrics and themes and so on. So I guess you'd label them as Unblack or as I did in my first sentence, or however it's done. While I am entirely non-Christian or religious myself, it's hard to notice the Christianity here unless you read Nephesh's lyrics. In which case it becomes obvious. The rasped vocals and music itself sounds somewhat similar to other Symphonic Black Metal bands who preach opposite ideals.

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