Cruciamentum - Convocation Of Crawling Chaos [Demo]

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Release date: 4 May 2009
Style: Death metal


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01. Intromantical Scream
02. Deathless Ascension
03. Convocation Of Crawling Chaos
04. Rotten Flesh Crucifix

Additional info
Death metal
United Kingdom
Self-released, limited edition

Line-up on the cassette:
D.L. - vocals, guitars
B.C. - bass
D.B-H. - percussion

Staff review by
Troy Killjoy
"The aim of Cruciamentum to play dark, claustrophobic death metal."

Upon listening to Cruciamentum's second demo, Convocation Of Crawling Chaos, I couldn't help but wonder if dungeon death metal will ever become an official genre. Sure it sounds incredibly lame, but that's really the best way to describe the band's sound, much like Impetuous Ritual or Ignivomous. It's true modern death metal: it's the new old-school, and according to the band members, it's a "spiked fist in the face of trendy death metal." Basically what you're in for is a paradoxical assault of the senses.

published 28.04.2010 | Comments (8)

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