Yaotl Mictlan - Dentro Del Manto Gris De Chaac

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Release date: 10 August 2010
Style: Black metal, Folk metal


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01. Dentro Del Manto Gris De Chaac
02. Garra De Jaguar (Ocho Venado)
03. Cihuacoatl (La Llorona)
04. Hun Hunapu
05. Gemelos Heroes
06. Noche Triunfadora
07. Huelitiyotl Mexica
08. Nada Verde Creece Aqui

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Yaotl Mictlan are back again, this time blastbeating their way to your eyes from America. Here is a band so brutal that Mexican drug cartels feared them, so destructive that Felipe Calderón had them exiled, so satanic that The Vatican nearly excommunicated Mexico, sooh? You get the picture? Well in that case, it's not surprising that Yaotl Mictlan have had to flee for their lives from Mexico into Utah, where they were able to record and release their second album, Dentro Del Manto Gris De Chaac.

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26.06.2010 - 22:23
Liver Failure
So they are still alive Long time no hear

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