Virus - The Agent That Shapes The Desert

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Release date: February 2011
Style: Avantgarde metal


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01. The Agent That Shapes The Desert
02. Continental Drift
03. Chromium Sun
04. Red Desert Sand
05. Intermission: Furnace Creek
06. Dead Cities Of Syria
07. Where The Flame Resides
08. Parched Rapids
09. Call Of The Tuskers

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Thirsty? Then you might want to quench that thirst before venturing into this scorching audial landscape. Avant-garde Norwegians Virus are looking to offer you a journey you'll most likely never forget. The prolific Czral is taking his jazzy dissonance and placing it smack bang in the middle of the Palm Desert.

The eerie metallic guitar work of this desert is supplanted on top of a plateau of desert rock of the likes of Yawning Man and Kyuss, most especially the former. It is primarily through the drums and bass that such a likeness is obtained, Einar Sjurso and Bjeima, respectively, manage to keep up a consistent reference to their Palm Desert inspirations. The album certainly does a good job of conjuring up images of an unrelenting sun blazing down upon a desolate wasteland. Once you enter this environment, it does not for a moment let up, Czral's near constant and bizarre vocals are interwoven amongst the jarring guitars which beat down riffs like waves of heat, both complimenting the other.

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09.08.2010 - 11:33
It'd be funny to see rainbow herbicides in the desert.
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26.02.2011 - 10:46
Rating: 9
After a few listens to this I don't think I can find a single flaw. An astonishing album!
26.03.2011 - 17:41
Oops, never realized they even had a new album out! In regards to that post-metal comment above, I'd say that's entirely accurate. Tbh, I'm much more into Ved Buens Ende than Virus, because I've simply listened to more VBE, but those guys were so incredibly bizarre back in the day that they were probably the first post-black metal band around (maybe In The Woods... could be considered so as well).
03.05.2011 - 01:00
Rating: 8
Totemic Lust
Excellent, this album is really making me feel good.
09.09.2011 - 06:44
Rating: 8
Totemic Lust
Written by Guest on 04.05.2011 at 19:39

01, 02, 03, 09 would have created an excellent EP. Yep, I have a 'fillers problem' with this one. When their last album moved quite flawlessly onwards by bringing groovy madness and hypnotic vortexes, this one just dwells too long at the desert repeating some 'ok this is nice, but go on, please' -stuff.

But yet, that is not unlike being stranded in desert is it?
21.03.2013 - 07:27
Rating: 8
Seeker of Truth
Got to love the prominence of the bass here; both the guitars and the bass do a great job in creating that psychedelic feel.
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