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Release date: 1992
Style: Deathgrind


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01. Intro
02. Mortal Massacre
03. Drilling For Brains
04. Redrum
05. Outro
06. Intro
07. Mortician
08. Brutally Mutilated
09. Necrocannibal
10. Outro
11. Mortal Massacre [Live version]
12. Brutally Mutilated [Live version]
13. Necrocannibal [Live version]
14. Drilling For Brains [Live version]
15. Hacked Up For Barbeque [Live version]
16. Redrum [Live version]
17. Bloodcraving [Live version]
18. Cremated [Live version]
19. Mortician [Live version]
20. Brutally Mutilated [Live, Different version]
21. Drilling For Brains [Live, Different version]
22. Bloodcarving [Live, Different version]
23. Scum [Napalm Death cover][Live version]
24. Mortician [Live, Different version]

Additional info
Originally released as a 7" with only the first 5 tracks. Reissued a few years later as a full-length CD with the additional demo and live material listed.

Tracks 1-3 are from the "Mortal Massacre" EP. Tracks 4-6 are from the "Brutally Mutilated" demo.

This album is now out of print, but re-released with "House by the Cemetery" sans the live tracks in 2004.

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