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Release date: 1998
Style: Grindcore


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Disc I
01. Azido Phencyclidine Electrophoresis
02. Thanksgiving Day
03. The Man From Famine
04. Crash Course To Maximum Nowhere
05. PCP Torpedo
06. Information Super Lost Highway
07. Thinning The Heard
08. Clorox Bong
09. Latin Thrift Cave
10. Doubled Over
11. Strong Stench Of Balance

Disc II [2006 ANbRX edition]
01. Untitled [Agoraphonic Nosecandy mix]
02. Untitled [Three Ring Inferno mix]
03. Untitled [Agoranopticon Xanophobic mix]
04. Untitled [Phantomsmasher mix]
05. Thanksgiving Day [Creed Are Twats And Nickelback Look Like Mike Bolton mix]
06. Untitled [Agorzbow Merzbleed mix]
07. Untitled [Decimated Spleencrawler mix]
08. Doubled Over [Throwing Up Blood mix]
09. Untitled [Flesh Of Jesu mix]
10. Untitled [Smoke Hard Drugz mix]
11. Untitled [Harder Drugs Faster mix]
12. Untitled [Apocalypse Nosebleed mix]
13. Untitled [Interchangeable Antichrist mix]
14. Untitled [Bloodusted mix]
15. Untitled [PCP Power Trip mix]

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First track of each cd only available by back advance selection.

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