Autopsy - Shitfun

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Release date: 1995
Style: Death metal


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01. Deathmask
02. Humiliate Your Corpse
03. Fuckdog
04. Praise The Children
05. The Birthing
06. Shiteater
07. Formaldehigh
08. I Sodomize Your Corpse
09. Geek
10. Brain Damage
11. Blood Orgy
12. No More Hate
13. Grave Violators
14. Maim Rape Kill Rape
15. I Shit On Your Grave
16. An End To The Misery
17. The 24 Public Mutilations
18. Bathe In Fire
19. Bowel Ripper
20. Burnt To A Fuck
21. Excremental Ecstasy


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22.07.2011 - 21:28
Account deleted
I find it ironic that this album is titled "Shitfun", but nobody gives a shit about it. Until now anyway.
02.02.2013 - 18:26
That album cover pretty much sums up the sound: Disgusting, vile and not at all pleasant for most human beings. The music is played in the same way as 'Acts of the unspeakable', producing a punkier, more aggressive sound than ever before. There are also elements of Death/Doom in here, but they are things that can be found on the band's first couple of albums. All in all a disjointed yet satisfying album for anybody who liked 'Acts of the unspeakable'.
27.05.2013 - 12:57
Account deleted
Man imo this album is way better than Acts of the Unspeakable. It is fucking brutal, dark and twisted, but that's the thing we got used to from Autopsy...yes, it is kind of dirty, punky and not pure Death Doom metal like their first two, but nevertheless this is pure filthy Autopsy with few twists. Some of the songs (Deathmask, Humiliate your Corpse, Praise the Children, Grave Violators, Blood Orgy...) are among the best Autopsy ever did...I just love this album (minus that last noise song)!

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