Satanic Slaughter - Satanic Slaughter

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Release date: January 1995
Style: Black metal, Death metal, Thrash metal


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01. Immortal Death
02. Forever I Burn
03. Dark Ritual
04. Into The Catacombs
05. Breath Of The Serpent That Rules The Cold World
06. On Black Wings
07. Nocturnal Presence
08. Legion Of Hades
09. Divine Exorcism
10. I'll Await My Lord
11. Embraced By Darkness
12. Domine Lucipheros

Additional info
Recorded at Unisound studio. Produced and mixed by Patrik Jensen.
Artwork By Karmanik Family.

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Every once and a while, I get a sudden, almost uncontrollable craving for some simple, violent as all hell, childish and straightforward extreme metal that just grabs me by the balls and keeps hammering me without mercy until the craving is gone and I'm back to my usual musical repertoire. So, having burned through my usual bands used in these emergencies, I was strolling around and stumbled upon this one. You can imagine my reaction when I saw a band called Satanic Slaughter with a debut album of the same name. "This is it", I said, thinking it would satisfy my urge and give me a boner for the next thirty minutes. Well, not only did it not give me a boner, but it just might have made me permanently impotent.

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