Release date: 2004
Style: Goregrind


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Last Days Of Humanity
01. Dysenteric Headless Investigation
02. Deranged Bloody Autopsy
03. Garbagebag With Human Waste
04. Crispy Between The Boils
05. A Portion Of Pulpified Leftovers
06. Dryheaving On Blood
07. Splatterattack
08. Drowning In Pus
09. Whipcream with Sperm
10. Squashed Bodyparts
11. Dragged Behind A Car By His Guts
12. Kicked To Death
13. Larval Infestation Down Your Lungs
14. Ripping Teeth From The Jaw
15. Mangled In A Shredder
16. Piss Fed Fungus
17. Rigor Mortis In A Frozen Body
18. Cataleptic Liver Explosion
19. Congenital Deformities Sprung From A Pussy Womb
20. Lacerated Cunt Incision
21. Autopsicated Feacal Reunion

Lymphatic Phlegm
22. Omentum - The Forgotten Organ / The Surgeon's Friend
23. Ready To Rip Dura-Mater
24. Hospital And Clinical Responses To Medical Emergencies
25. Peripheric Dissemination Of Systematic Pigmentous Urticaria
26. Pyocollection Excreta / Suppurration Sets In
27. Pus - Filled Stiffs Decortication
28. The Bright Blue Of Cadaveric Ecchymosis
29. Autopsy Findings - Putrescent Organ Harvest
30. ....Pyosissification Starts The Whole Process Of Exarcebation
31. Adipocera Cadaverica - The Natural Lubricant Of The Pathologist's Gloves
32. Labia Minora Suppurates In Necrotization
33. Completely Liquefying Organs (Disgorging In Putrefaction II)
34. Formaldehyde - CH2O

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