Superhorrorfuck - Living Dead Stars

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Release date: November 2010
Style: Punk rock


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01. Pissing On Heaven's Door
02. You Can Leave Your Head On
03. Lick You To Death
04. Hot N Cold [Katy Perry cover]
05. Association Against Superhorrorfuck
06. Livingdeadstar
07. Touch Your Soul
08. Holy Zombie
09. Horrorchy Part II: The Prophets
10. Welcome To My F***k Show
11. The Woman Of My Death
12. Texas Chainsaw Ranger

Staff review by
Doc G.
There's dark comedy, then there's derivative, predictable, humour that grew stale back in high school. Meet Superhorrorfuck, they want to be Wednesday 13 and/or Murderdolls, they failed.

The first track or two actually isn't all that bad; punky vocals, catchy chorus' and maybe a catchy riff here & there (and by a catchy riff, I do mean a in the singular sense.) By the 3rd track Living Dead Stars loses all steam. The blatant Wednesday 13 horror-pun knock off attempts fail entirely when you clearly don't have a tenuous grasp on the English language. But who gives a shit about lyrics, right? Well, you will, as the music becomes more forgettable as the album drags on, even more so when it becomes apparent that the whole thing revolves around the vocalist and his shit lyrics. You know it's bad when the most refreshing track on the album is a cover of Katy Perry's "Hot N Cold" (and to answer your question; yes, the original is better.)

published 02.11.2010 | Comments (6)

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