Marțolea - Gâlmele Întunericului [Demo]

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Release date: 6 January 2009
Style: Pagan black metal


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01. Caii Lui SânToader
02. Muma Pădurii
03. Marțolea
04. Samca
05. Fata Pădurii

Additional info
- Gâlmele Întunericului is old Romanian for "The Fiends Of Darkness". Gâlmele Întunericului is
a musical expression that combines elements from black metal and Romanian traditional
folklore. Each track refers to a mythological creature from the folklore of Bucovina. They are
considered malefic forces of nature that take different forms, from maidens, to ugly old
hags. These creatures are present in the deep woods, always at night. Unlucky travelers
may be lured and charmed by them. Few manage to escape from the horrible things that
await them. Even nowadays, these supra-natural beings have a strong influence over the
lives of people, being present in many folk tales and stories in Bucovina region.

- Caii Lui SânToader (Sân Toader's Horses) - Fierce hybrid monsters, half human- half
horse, who wander in spring nights and crush the infidel and snitching women in their

- Muma Pădurii (Mother Of The Woods) - Ugly evil hag living deep in the woods and showing
no mercy to those who try to harm the forest in any way.

- Marțolea is a demonic entity in Romanian mythology who lives up in the mountains and
descends on tuesday nights to lure with his singing and punish the women caught working.

- Samca - Unholy spirit who often materializes as a monstrous spitting fire naked woman
bringing disease to children and pregnant women in order to cease human life by all means.

- Fata Pădurii (Daughter Of The Woods) - Long green hair fairy of the woods who usually
charms young lads with her beauty making them unable to find their way back home.

- Special instruments used on this recording: Buciumul (trâmbția), Cavalul (kaval), Fluierul (pipe), Drâmba (mouth harp).


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This is an outstanding demo representing the more folkish side of Negura Bunget , the deep clean vocals along with the pipes creates a great atmosphere , fans of Negura do not hesitate to check this out
He who is not bold enough
to be stared at from across the abyss
is not bold enough
to stare into it himself.

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