Revocation - Chaos Of Forms

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Release date: 16 August 2011
Style: Technical death metal, Thrash metal


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01. Cretin
02. Cradle Robber
03. Harlot
04. Dissolution Ritual
05. Conjuring The Cataclysm
06. No Funeral
07. Fractal Entity
08. Chaos Of Forms
09. The Watchers
10. Beloved Horrifier
11. Dethroned
12. Reprogrammed

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Cynic Metalhead
In 2008, a band from Massachusetts, formerly named Cryptic Warning, released its debut album, Empire Of The Obscene, now under the label of Revocation. Upon its release, the album made a tremendous impact on fans with its extravagant display of technical thrash metal, exhibiting lengthy riffs with thick bass, death metal-esque drumming, and raging vocals on top. It set the record straight that Revocation had broken the glass ceiling and revealed to fans an unknown side of the thrash metal style, when the majority were still delving into the oh-so-golden '80s thrash era. Exactly three years after, the group decided that they would pedal the level up and deliver an album projecting a newer direction. They named it Chaos Of Forms. Oh, how we would love to look forward to that chaos.

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26.06.2011 - 12:00
Rating: 8
I had never heard of this band....but looking at the songs of their MySpace page, I'm really really starting to like them. Eagerly waiting for their new album now.
26.06.2011 - 16:04
I may like this one more than the other 2 albums! promising songs!
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16.08.2011 - 14:58
Rating: 8
Very good, didnt like some parts and the clean vocals but it's a good record.
17.08.2011 - 22:56
Rating: 6
This may be very good i should listen to it!!
20.08.2011 - 02:06
Rating: 7
The Benighted
Not anywhere near as good as the last album. It's still riff based, but the riffs seem to lack anything interesting, at least in my opinion. No Funeral is an absolutely god-tier song though \m/
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20.08.2011 - 02:26
Account deleted
I won't listen to this, heard some songs and it seems boring.
30.08.2011 - 13:57
Cynic Metalhead
Atrocious Virgin
Totally.....Meh..!! Not even a single song of this album came to blow like a stuff and eventually first two songs are "bored as fuck" stuff so lost my hope there only. One time listen!!
31.08.2011 - 18:56
Rating: 8
Unasuming Madnes
I was actually rather impressed by this album, if not for listening to how Davidson is evolving as a songwriter and musician. He doesn't really so much on speed and allowed his melodies to open a bit more than in their previous concoction. The solos feel more crisp and better though tout than Existence. Once again the album also experiments with different genres, as the title song has a very progressive metal feeling to it while Dethroned sounds like a darker power metal song with Death vocals (meanwhile Across Forests And Fjords from existence had a certain tinge of black metal). My only complaint is that the album relies a little too much on its hooks. Actually its somewhat interesting how Davidson is developing his own style but the riffs in Grave Robber, Cretin, and No Funeral have a similar style to each other, and to the previous album's Destroy the Dictator. In reality plenty of bands really have riffs which are much simpler and don't remind you of the others, but I suppose its their rhythm and general melodic form which make them sound similar. Overall I feel this is a general improvement from Existence is Futile and I'm really interested with what this band will offer us in their next 2 year contractually ablidged creation.
01.09.2011 - 11:02
Rating: 6
I loved Empire Of The Obscene, and thought futile was ok, but Chaos of forms is a big lettdown. It has some cool guitar parts here and there, but mainly this sounds to "bluesy" for my taste.
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25.10.2011 - 21:35
Rating: 10
Really good albulm from revocation \m/
02.12.2011 - 08:57
Rating: 9
Songwriting, production, drumming, vocals, and performance is all done professional as hell. This album has a lot to it, but more over its always a pretty enjoyable album to listen to with a lot to it.
28.09.2014 - 02:37
Rating: 9
Great album, tons of song variation. I love the inclusion of blues and rock elements, into their songs. Solos are great, riffs are great, just love the diversity of this band.

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