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Lawnmower Deth - Mower Liberation Front/Quack 'Em All [Split]

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Release date: 1989
Style: Thrash metal

Lawnmower Deth
01. MLF
02. Drink To Be Sick
03. Umph Umlah
04. Thermo-Nuclear War Is Good For Your Complexion
05. Seventh Church Of The Apocalyptic Lawnmower
06. Nothingness
07. Watch Out Granma, Here Comes A Lawnmower
08. Lawnmower's Rampage In The Jungle
09. I Got The Clap And My Knob Fell Off
10. Nasal Infection
11. I Don't Want Your Problems, Commit Suicide
12. Scar Face
13. Bavarian Drinking Song
14. Fuck Off
15. Watch Out Granma [live] [CD version bonus]
16. M.L.F. [live] [CD version bonus]
17. Got The Clap [live] [CD version bonus]
18. Nasal Infection [live] [CD version bonus]
19. Umph Umlah [live] [CD version bonus]
20. Scar Face [live] [CD version bonus]
21. Nothingness [live] [CD version bonus]

Metal Duck
22. Destruction Song
23. Stepping Stone To Hell
24. Pek Yr Ass
25. Bombay Duck
26. NxDxQxC
27. Cheese Puff Death Squad
28. March Of The Metal Duck To The Duck Ponds Of Hell
29. Rod, Jane And Freddy's Total Noise Annihilation
30. Der Der Der
31. Oo Er, I've Got A Sore Throat

Additional info
The album cover was done by legendary artist Dan Seagrave and was one of his very first album covers (if not his actual first).

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