The Cleansing - Feeding The Inevitable

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Release date: 23 May 2011
Style: Death metal


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01. The Promethean Promise
02. Third Eye Starring
03. Your Flesh, Your Curse
04. A Cheating Progression
05. Hour Of Decadence
06. Processed For Contamination
07. Law Of Reciprocity
08. Two Days
09. Crossroads

Guest review by
Coconut Racecar
I'll have to start this off by saying the following: For one this is my first review, don't be too hard on me. Second, I may be a little bias because in my opinion this album deserves a lot more attention than what it seems to be getting.

Their first release The Poisoned Legacy wasn't without its charm. It had good sound, some decent levels of originality and it was fun to listen to... for awhile. But overall I'd have to call it pretty bland and repetitive, not bad, just nothing to go out of your way for. Then Feeding The Inevitable came into the picture. If I could pause for a moment to marvel in the sheer awesomeness of this album I might not have a face for you to turn to when I say: total face-melting, gut-busting, groove induced head-bangery. I know that some of you may disagree with me, and I suppose I am pretty in favour of this album simply because they have managed to catch my attention so thoroughly. But the effort and originality on this album isn't something to ignore. Songs like "Hour Of Decadence" or "Your Flesh, Your Curse" will keep you crawling back for more thrashings over and over. Their solos are the perfect length and placed meticulously so that they never interfere with the over-all atmosphere of the songs. The lyrics, amazing, the drumming just as well.

published 30.01.2012 | Comments (1)

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