Glorior Belli - The Great Southern Darkness

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Release date: 23 September 2011
Style: Black metal, Sludge metal


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01. Dark Gnosis
02. Secret Ride To Rebellion
03. They Call Me Black Devil
04. Negative Incarnate
05. Bring Down The Cosmic Scheme
06. The Great Southern Darkness
07. The Foolhardy Venturer
08. Per Nox Regna
09. The Science Of Shifting
10. Chaos Manifested
11. Horns In My Pathway

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Germany and Switzerland: September 23rd, 2011
Rest Of Europe: September 26th, 2011
North America: September 27th, 2011

Staff review by
I always thought there was hope, but something was preventing me from believing even more in the arch cause of my nostalgic thoughts. Ô Laudate Dominvs and Manifesting The Raging Beast are two personal favorites from the specific orthodox field of black metal and I'd like to see the band investing even more in the aforementioned scene. Meet Us at the Southern Sign had a different opinion, a more... southern one! Well, yes, this word, southern, abolished all hope I held for the band going back to their sound roots and The Great Southern Darkness is by all means the natural continuation of the aforementioned album.

published 28.09.2011 | Comments (12)

Guest review by
Five years ago I was surfing through youtube videos looking for new black metal bands to fill in a void ever-growing in me for pure love of the genre. However, I was coming across Darkthrone clones galore. Then I stumbled across Glorior Belli. At the time Manifesting the Raging Beast was the album they were pushing. While not the most original album it definitely had a certain quality of originality to it and the band definitely had potential to grow. That growth was expressed in the follow up Meet us at the Southern Sign. They evolved incorporating some odd blues/southern rock influences in their still very status quo French black metal sound.

published 24.01.2012 | Comments (0)

GB are a French BM outfit that have allowed exterior influences in to their music... No, not from the Scandinavian north, but from the American south of all places. Raging, dissonant black metal is paired with murky sludge elements to create an awesome earful. This is what I had hoped Meet Us At The Southern Sign would be.

Viva la France, y'all!

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08.10.2011 - 16:55
Rating: 9
Absolutely brilliant album, with a great production and grooves.
10.10.2011 - 19:57
Rating: 9
A great album,indeed!!!!
10.10.2011 - 20:02
Account deleted
Got about two songs in and gave up. Just doesn't retain enough of their excellent earlier sound for me.
24.01.2012 - 22:00
Rating: 9
Written by Guest on 10.10.2011 at 20:02

Got about two songs in and gave up. Just doesn't retain enough of their excellent earlier sound for me.

Dude bands evolve and change constantly you shouldn't give up so easily. Glorior Belli may not be the same but they have crafted their own original sound. Give it another shot.
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07.02.2012 - 00:07
Rating: 8
This is one of the most interesting genre crossovers I've heard. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes a "Black'n'roll" approach.
"We are blind to the world within us, waiting to be born"
19.06.2014 - 01:52
Rating: 7
Giant robot
For someone who calls herself a fan, it took me three years to finally listen to this. Around the time he put a stop to Obscurus Advocam in 2008, he said the next GB album would explore some of those ideas. Which he kinda didn't in Meet Us At the Southern Sign. All of this made me very confused, and I didn't know what to expect. I liked Obscurus Advocam so much, I was really hoping for a do over under the Glorior Belli name. Confusion peaked when I realised the word "southern" was to be taken literally in this album.

I am not anti-change at all. This is refreshing. But still, there's something about Infestvvs' vocals that made more sense in the old Glorior Belli. Maybe I'd have liked them to be a bit more in the back, like before. Infestvvs obviously wanted something totally different, but there are some leaps in style between songs that almost make me wonder if he didn't really know what he wanted after all. Call me a groupie, but I like to see a positive in that too, at least I wasn't bored, and it gives further proof he never was the typical black metaller.

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