Unexpect - In A Flesh Aquarium

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Release date: 22 August 2006
Style: Extreme avantgarde metal


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01. Chromatic Chimera
02. Feasting Fools
03. Desert Urbania
04. Summoning Scenes
05. Silence_011010701
06. Megalomaniac Trees
07. The Shiver
    1 - A Clown's Mindtrap
    2 - Meet Me At The Carrousel
    3 - Another Dissonant Chord
08. Psychic Jugglers (In A Flesh Aquarium)

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Stéphane English - vocals, guitars
Roxanne Hegyesy - vocals
Eryk Chapados - guitars, vocals
Charles Crépeau - violin
Stéphane Primeau - keyboards, piano, sampling
Frédérick Filiatrault - bass
Philippe Landryx - drums

Session musicians
Amélie Blanchette - clarinets
Nathalie Duchesne - violins, cellos
Stephanie Colerette - violins, cellos
Benjamin Proulx-Mathers - saxophones

Additional info
Produced by Eryk Chapados and Unexpect.

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Dream Taster
Montreal has one of the most bizarre Metal scenes on the face of the planet, and a band like Unexpect is there to prove my point. Those Canadians are blowing away every musical concept known to mankind with their second album In a Flesh Aquarium. From thrash to gothic, gypsy folk, brutal death, jazz death and more, they make Arcturus sound like Manowar. Extreme avant-garde Metal seems to be the key word.

published 20.12.2006 | Comments (19)

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23.04.2011 - 06:16
Daydream Nation
Account deleted
Very good album...so impressed with the seamless transitions in the songs and with the wide array of vocals. Very scary atmospheres, especially their instrumental track. The sound is really quite impressive-- how one song can pull off violins, piano and saxophone and intense drumming just bewilders me.

Main issue with this album is what I call the "Mars Volta syndrome"-- lyrics are too complex and almost incomprehensible for true enjoyment, and they are way too self-indulgent for their own good. You can follow albums like Anthology II and Process of a New Decline- the concept makes sense and the lyrics are coherent provided you know the story. But with this album...I can't even come to make sense of its lyrical content. Maybe that pours into its brilliance-- but it frustrates me because I feel I should know what the lyrics sorta means. Avant-garde isn't necessarily about abstract technical proficiency and "doing as much as you can at the same time" for me...moments of coherence in the insanity are found by most excellent avant-garde artists. How does their new style CONNECT to conventional metal? That is the question I look for in great avant-garde. This is undoubtably one of the quirkiest, insane styles I have EVER heard...but I don't see it having a great influence on metal because it does little to bridge to conventional metal. 8/10
23.04.2011 - 06:18
Daydream Nation
Account deleted
Although-- this makes me want to listen to more French avant-garde metal, including more Unexpect...so maybe it has done its job right!
16.11.2011 - 10:47
Rating: 3
Saw these guys live in 2007 and I thought they sucked.

I drink moosepiss
18.01.2012 - 21:04
Rating: 9
^ you-tube disagrees .
11.02.2019 - 16:07
Rating: 9
Chaotic. Unpredictible. Original. Fantastic.

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