Ribspreader - Rotten Rhythms And Rancid Rants (A Collection Of Undead Spew) [Compilation]

Release date: July 2006
Style: Death metal

01. Kingdom Of Flesh
02. Repulsed By The Living
03. The CryptKeeper
04. Corpse Stalker
05. Flesh For The Freaks
06. Mortuary Slut
07. Given Head By The Dead
08. Life (The Slow Death)
09. Into The Black House
10. MeatLocker Rendezvous
11. Let's Play House (Of The Dead)
12. Coffin Man
13. Thrown In The Grinder
14. Revel In Filth
15. PukeWhore
16. Womb of Decay
17. Now You're Dead
18. Bloated Corpse

Additional info
Rogga recorded the bass, guitars and vocals in his room. Mattias Fiebig added
the drums later.

All of the various recording sessions were made in the mid to late 90's but
actual details were forgotten (Blame alcohol if you want).

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