Norris - The Great White North

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Release date: 22 March 2011
Style: Sludge metal, Hardcore, Punk


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01. The Great White North
02. De-Evolution of Music
03. Economics Without Ecology
04. The Dregs Download
05. Peasant
06. Jesus Heist
07. Food For Thought
08. Playing The Role
09. Chump Change

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Doc G.
Do you ever get violent diarrhoea while on public transit? Yeah, no, neither do I. If I did however, I picture Norris would make a pretty fitting sound track for that initial awkward moment. Now before you start up with "it sounds like shit" jokes, let's clarify something; this is not a bad album.

Norris play this kind of spastic sludged-out hardcore. It's raw, heavy hitting, and frankly a little bit difficult to follow a lot of the times. I guess one could say it's a crossroads between Baroness, or old High On Fire, intersecting with a more organic sounding Between The Buried And Me. The interesting mix of the song writing vs the production is definitely what gives Norris their unique sound. The songs are jagged, full of sharp stops and turns thrown in between the grooves, yet the production is more of an earthy, dull heaviness.

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