Amputated - Enjoy The Slaugther/Up To Our Nuts In Guts [Split] [EP]

Release date: 2004
Style: Brutal death metal


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Leptotrichia [Enjoy The Slaugther]
01. Peg Out In Gastric Juice
02. A Lost Lamb
03. Surviving The Fourfold Fitted Fistfuck
04. Hail Bloodred Massacre

Amputated [Up To Our Nuts In Guts]
05. Love 'Em And Cleave 'Em
06. Amputated
07. Morbid Mutilation
08. Raped With A Jackhammer
09. Semtex Enema

Additional info
Split album by Leptotrichia and Amputated, released through Identified By Dental Records.

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