Green Jellÿ - 333

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Release date: 1994
Style: Rock


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01. Carnage Rules
02. Orange Krunch
03. Piñata Hed
04. Fixation
05. The Bear Song
06. Fight
07. Super Elastic
08. Jump
09. Jerk
10. Anthem
11. Slave Boy

Staff review by
I picked this album up the other day from a cheap-o bin. To tell you the truth, I never heard any of this band's music before. Judging by the quality of the songs on "333", I wasn't missing all that much.

Green Jelly is basically a less extreme and demented (and also considerably less talented) version of GWAR. They utilize the same brand of mock-thrash with elements of whatever style they are making fun of at the moment. Unfortunately, while GWAR had some quality musicians who were able to create fairly able metal, Green Jelly prides itself in its lack of musical knowledge and ability (they claim to have no knowledge of chords so they colour their frets and play by colours). Apparently the two bands even toured together back in 1988 and the boys from GWAR were the ones who taught Green Jelly how to make their papier-mache suits. Well, that's all a very nice story but it seems to me like one GWAR is more than enough. Does Green Jelly have anything that makes them worth my time? Not really...

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