Various Artists - Asymmetry [VA]

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Release date: 30 September 2005


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01. Lux Incerta - Clear Water
02. Whelm - A State Of Decay
03. Remembrance - Beyond The Waters
04. Mary Bell - Armageddon Jam
05. Asofy - Luce
06. The Knell - Into Shattered
07. Mar De Grises - Mar De Grises
08. Saturnus - Murky Waters
09. Wreck Of The Hesperus - Utter Rot
10. Abysmal Darkening - End It

Staff review by
This doom metal compilation was the first cd ever released by Totalrust Records and it is a very good approach to the growing catalogue of this newborn label. Before anything else, I want to apologize to the readers, the bands and the label for the average quality of this review. As a matter of fact, I don't know how to review compilations: I think song-by-song reviews are quite tedious so I'll just give a brief overview of what you can find on this (very good) release.

published 11.02.2006 | Comments (0)

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