Cruxifiction - The Coming

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Release date: 4 April 2011
Style: Melodic black metal, Death metal, Thrash metal


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01. Haunting Hypocrisy
02. The Coming
03. The New Messiah
04. Death Is The Only Way
05. The Silent Traitor
06. Burn On A Cross
07. I'll Bless You

Additional info
Melodic black/death metal
Aeternitas Tenebrarum Musicae Fundamentum

Line-up on the CD:
Sapian - vocals, bass
Saroth - guitars, vocals
Belial - guitars
Keriel - drums

Staff review by
Troy Killjoy
Anti-Christian French extreme metallers (got all that?) Cruxifiction are a relatively "new" band, primarily composed of members from pagan black metal outfit Valhôll. The Coming, the band's full-length debut, offers a sharp mix of high-intensity melodic black metal with a bit of death metal's most significant element: brutality. Compared by the label to fellow French black metal band Deathspell Omega, Cruxifiction are anything but similar, and have much more in common with Portugal's Corpus Christii (as stated by the band members themselves).

published 21.05.2011 | Comments (11)

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