Dol Ammad - Demo 2002 [Demo]

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Release date: 2002
Style: Electronic symphonic metal


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01. Eclipse (Corona Of The Sun)
02. The Veil (Seven Face Danger)
03. Vortex 3003
04. Boxed Daylight (Part I)
05. Boxed Daylight (Part II)
06. The Hill Of Hope

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Electronica Art Metal this is the way Dol Ammad defines their music… no wait, wait, Electronica Art Metal?? what the hell is this? I have an answer my friends, this is Dol Ammad. I know you're all confused, so let's explain what kind of music is this Electronica Art Metal (I have to admit it, it has a nice ring to it), anyway, what Dol Ammad offers is a mix of techno music (or trance music, anyway you call it), with a lot of synthesizers, and a 11 member classical choir ala Therion.

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