Rosae Crucis - Worms Of The Earth

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Release date: March 2003
Style: Heavy metal


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01. Behind The Eyes Of Partha McOthna
02. The Justice Of Roma
03. Bran Mak Morn
04. A Wizard In My Dreams
05. Escape From Eboracum
06. The Dagon's Moore
07. Gates To Abominium
08. The Black Stone
09. Traian's Tower Falls
10. Worms Of The Earth
11. The Witch
12. Requiem

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Here we have Rosae Crucis latest release "Worms Of The Earth" a Concept album based in the novel of Robert Howard that tells the epic adventures of Bran Mac Morn, King Of Caledon, and his fight against the Roman Empire. In order to help his people, he summons the worms of the earth , ancient creatures that live under the surface of the earth. With the help of the wolf-witch, he destroys the Traian Tower and the governor in the valley of Adrian. To support the story there are a lot of spoken passages thru all the Cd.

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