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Utopian.Hope.Dystopian.Nihilism - Pact With Solitude

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Release date: 2 May 2011
Style: Atmospheric black metal


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01. Pandora's Box
02. Eu:Ele
03. Self-Inflicted Metamorphosis
04. "Goodbye Exi(s)ts"

Staff review by
Darkside Momo
Pact With Solitude? Yeah, that's it, this - aptly named, one has to admit - album is a solo project: Élvio Rodrigues, the mastermind, recorded this first album all alone.

The music is quite tricky to describe. It's prog, that's for sure, and the songs meander a lot. It's also really varied. Harsh, extreme parts coexist with ambient/folky textures, proggy keyboards, crushing guitars and bass, you name it. There are strange stops and reprises with different stuff. Death grunts, raw vocals, spoken and ushered lyrics complete the portrait. Thankfully, it isn't as disjoined as one might think reading this (except on "Goodbye Exi(s)ts", the fourth and last track, that really starts and goes nowhere). They can be reminiscent of Kalisia at some points, for their use of melodic, harmonized guitars and keyboards along with the extreme vocals - but be sure these two bands are different beast altogether. The mood is also wildly different, mostly melancholic here - I'm pretty sure Mr Rodrigues is an Agalloch fan.

published 14.06.2011 | Comments (4)

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