Nu.Clear.Dawn - Poem Of A Knight

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Release date: 11 July 2003
Style: Progressive metal


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01. Overture
02. The Meeting
03. Falcon And Crow
04. Revolution
05. Horses Of Steel
06. Wounded
07. Memories On The Road
08. Rebirth

Additional info
The band's debut album titled Poem of a Knight is a concept album, telling an old story from the middle ages about a guy called Louis who was an opera singer who met with Anna the daughter of the lord in an evening, where Louis an Anna loved each other.

But later the lord discovered what is going on, and send his guards to watch the lovers and keep Louis away from his daughter. Later on the revolution started and Louis wanted to defend for his rights, and then it was the war, Louis being an opera singer decided to join the forces to fight against the lord, and have Anna.

During the battle he gets stabbed with a knife in his back and falls on the ground. When he opens his eyes he founds himself in a safe holy place, then he saw Anna who was beside him taking care of him. Louis feels that he can no longer carry on so he decides to go home, to the opera, the place he was born.

They both get on road along with the horseman, on their way to the opera house Louis has dreams and flashbacks to everything they passed through, and finally when they arrive to the opera he gets on stage as he's bleeding and sings his last lines. It was his last stand, his voice is gone now but his soul is still there.

Staff review by
Dream Taster
Middle East countries are nowadays full of good metal bands but the first country that comes to mind is not Syria. Well, Nu.Clear.Dawn is a progressive metal band hailing from this country with their debut album entitled "Poem Of A Knight" and they deserve your full attention.

As the title suggests, this album has epic power metal melodies but if you look at the length of the songs, well, they definitely make you understand that their music will be something like a mix between Rhapsody and Dream Theater. Well, the truth is not far from it! Keys and drums are basically similar to two bands. The first one is Symphony X, the second is Dream Theater. That's to say that these guys start at the top level of progressive! Meanwhile, Shant Hagopian on guitars apparently takes pleasure in alternating between John Petrucci's style and Luca Turilli's, and it rocks!

published 07.10.2003 | Comments (4)

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