Into Eternity - Sandstorm [Single]

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Release date: July 2011
Style: Melodic death metal, Progressive metal


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01. Sandstorm [feat. Rob Doherty]

Stu Block - vocals
Tim Roth - guitars, vocals
Justin Bender - guitar
Brian Newbury - drums
Troy Bleich - bass

Guest musician
Rob Doherty - vocals


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25.06.2011 - 22:46
Is Stu still singing for Into Eternity?
26.06.2011 - 05:18
Ag Fox
Angel No More
Written by WorpeX on 25.06.2011 at 22:46

Is Stu still singing for Into Eternity?
according to the official site, yes, he is
loves 小巫
11.07.2011 - 08:37
Stu is indeed still singing for the band. The most recent video posted is of Stu singing 2 clean vocal verses for the new song. They also confirmed that there will be multiple versions of the song released, which I believe will be one version with Tim on lead vocals and one of Stu on lead vocals. They haven't made any statements explaining the reason why they're doing this, but I would assume it's to cover all the bases just incase Stu does decide to leave to focus on Iced Earth; this way people can get used to the idea of having songs with Tim on lead vocals (again). I hope Stu is able to work things out and be able to do both bands, but I'm skeptical. Jon Shaffer is a stubborn man, and he has very strong work ethic and if Stu isn't going to step up and make Iced Earth a priority than he will drop him, and Stu knows that; thinking about Iced Earth simply from a business standpoint, it's obviously the right choice carrear wise. Also, looking back just a few years ago, Stu used to be in a band called Omega Crom. OC never had any releases with Stu, but when he joined Into Eternity he was interviewed and in the interview he said he planned on doing both but opted to focus on Into Eternity (the bigger and more serious band) not too long after that. I think this will probably happen again with Iced Earth, I hope it doesn't but I think it's going to.
11.07.2011 - 11:50
Excited about this, but I'm not really a single kind of person. I like albums.
Written by BloodTears on 19.08.2011 at 18:29

Like you could kiss my ass.

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