Thronar - Promo 2003 [Demo]

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Release date: 2003
Style: Atmospheric black metal, Folk metal


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01. Bonded To The Blade Part I (Gift From The Gods)
02. Bonded To The Blade Part II (Screams Of Thunder)
03. Where Sword, Axe, And Bow Strike Together
04. Crimnor Valora

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What's the deal with all these bands obsessed with medieval times? I mean, one or two are fine, but there's a whole trend now! And I hate trends, because with trends every product tends to be less and less original.

So what we have here is not Power Metal , not Viking Metal, but Battle Metal, what the hell is Battle Metal? Well, basically is Heavy Metal with Black Metal elements, sure it sounds nice, but let's go song by song, there are only 4 of them , but hey, I got nothing to do right now.

published 24.11.2003 | Comments (2)

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