Rose Funeral - Gates Of Punishment

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Release date: 27 September 2011
Style: Technical deathcore


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01. Legions Of Ruination
02. Grotesque Mutilation
03. Beyond The Entombed
04. False Divine
05. Arise Infernal Existence
06. Malignant Amour
07. A Recreant Canticle
08. The Desolate Form
09. Entercism
10. Amidst Gehenna
11. Gates Of Punishment

Staff review by
Doc G.
It's all boring now, it really is. Drown any genre in enough forgettable bands and it loses it's impact. Rose Funeral play that clean, sharp-edged death metal. From what I've gathered, this band used to lean closer to the deathcore side of things - they should have stayed that way, I can't imagine it being any more unremarkable than this. Let's just put it this way; even if you haven't actually heard Gates Of Punishment before, you've heard it before.

published 14.10.2011 | Comments (6)


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13.10.2011 - 20:21
Coconut Racecar
I'm not sure what the hype was over this release. everyone was saying that they had left their deathcore routes to become a more solid death metal band but i find that complete wankery. if anything they've moved MORE into their deathcore routes. either way, it's not a half bad album. i have nothing against deathcore or any other genre for that matter, so if you're looking for some solid breakdowns and intense scenes of technical eargasms this album is probably for you. if you're looking for something with more rage and less core, i'd say steer clear.
14.10.2011 - 01:35
I've heard some their stuff in the past so I'll check it out. Is everyone familiar with the UNO incident that took place at one of their concerts.

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