Shining Fury - Last Sunrise

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Release date: 12 April 2004
Style: Power metal


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01. Intro
02. Broken Hopes
03. 060501
04. Sleepin' Coma
05. Snake's Game
06. Last Sunrise
07. Memories
08. Speed Of Life
09. Declaration Of A Cheat
10. Net Love
11. Rosanna [Toto cover]

Staff review by
This must be the most boring cover ever, I mean, what's the point with an almost totally blue cover with just the band name, the album name, lightning's and some strange symbols? Nothing to watch, I mean, a bit of the fun with a new album is to look at the cover, to sunk deep into the mind and try to find out why the band choose the cover that they did, and what's it symbolise.

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