Riverside - Reality Dream Trilogy [Boxset]

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Release date: 5 September 2011
Style: Progressive metal


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Disc I [Out Of Myself]
01. The Same River
02. Out Of Myself
03. I Believe
04. Reality Dream
05. Loose Heart
06. Reality Dream II
07. In Two Minds
08. The Curtain Falls
09. OK

Disc II [Voices In My Head]
01. Us
02. Acronym Love
03. Dna Ts. Rednum Or F. Raf
04. The Time I Was Daydreaming
05. Stuck Between
06. I Believe [live]
07. Loose Heart [live]
08. Out Of Myself [live]

Disc III [Second Life Syndrome]
01. After
02. Volte-Face
03. Conceiving You
04. Second Life Syndrome
    1 - From Hand To Mouth
    2 - Secret Exhibition
    3 - Vicious Ritual
05. Artificial Smile
06. I Turned You Down
07. Reality Dream III
08. Dance With The Shadow
09. Before

Disc IV [Second Live Syndrome]
01. Volte-Face [live]
02. Conceiving You [live]
03. Second Life Syndrome [live]
04. I Turned You Down [live]
05. Reality Dream III [live]
06. Dance With The Shadow [live]
07. Before [live]
08. The Piece Reflecting the Mental State of One of the Member Of Our Band

Disc V [Rapid Eye Movement]
Part One: Fearless
01. Beyond The Eyelids
02. Rainbow Box
03. 02 Panic Room
04. Schizophrenic Prayer
05. Parasomnia

Part Two: Fearland
06. Through The Other Side
07. Embryonic
08. Cybernetic Pillow
09. Ultimate Trip

Disc VI [Rapid Eye Movement II]
01. Behind The Eyelids
02. Lucid Dream IV
03. 02 Panic Room [remix version]
04. Rainbow Trip
05. Back To The River
06. Rapid Eye Movement

Michał Łapaj - keyboards
Piotr Grudzinski - guitars
Piotr "Mittloff" Kozieradzki - drums
Mariusz Duda - bass, vocals

Guest Musicians
Jacek Melnicki - keyboards on Out Of Myself.
Krzysztof Melnicki - trombone in "OK"
Artur Szolc - percussion in "Schizophrenic Prayer" and "Behind The Eyelids"
Robert Srzednicki - keyboards and guitar in "02 Panic Room (remix)"

Additional info
Label: Mystic Production
Production: Riverside

Ilustrations: Travis Smith @ Seempieces
Design and Layout: Piotr Kozieradzki and Mariusz Duda
Band Photos by Kiełek

A release comprising the so-called Reality Dream Trilogy: the first three full-lengths by Riverside with additional EP, live material and bonus disc.

The songs on Second Live Syndrome are taken from Reality Dream DVD, with track #8 coming off Conceiving You single.

Rapid Eye Movement II is different from the original bonus disc to that album by having the song "Rainbow Trip."

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