DevilDriver - Devildriver

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Release date: 28 October 2003
Style: Nu metal, Groove thrash metal


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01. Nothing's Wrong?
02. I Could Care Less
03. Die (And Die Now)
04. I Dreamed I Died
05. Cry For Me Sky (Eulogy Of The Scorned)
06. The Mountain
07. Knee Deep
08. What Does It Take (To Be A Man)
09. Swinging The Dead
10. Revelation Machine
11. Meet The Wretched
12. Devil's Son

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A nu-metal musician decides to play some much heavier and extreme music. Its a statement concerning nu-metal which comes straight from one of the protagonists of that style. Exciting, huh? Well, it certainly would be if the music wasn't so damn boring...

Alright, I'll have to admit that the album starts off decently enough. There is a 3 song salvo which is bound to make pretty much anyone happy. Indeed, there is nothing wrong with "Nothing Wrong". "I Could Care Less" and "Die (And Die Now)" are also very good songs. The first and third one are very intense, near black-metal fare, whereas the second track is a great example of this New Wave Of American Heavy Metal that I keep on hearing about. The musicians are very proficient. Most notably - the drummer is very fast and the vocalist (that's the nu-metal guy - Dez Fafara - what a name!) has the ability to growl and screech with the best of them. Unfortunately, it all goes downhill form there. While "I Dreamed I Died" and "Cry For Me Sky" are still pretty decent, all the tracks after that are lackluster, tedious drivel which bores me to death. There are a few semi-decent leads here and there but honestly, I cant be bothered to listen through this again to find them. Perhaps the worst track is "Knee Deep" which ought to be called "Ears Deep" instead. If the bands intention is to kill me (they sure use the word 'death' a lot) then I know a number of better ways to achieve this than through boredom...

published 15.03.2004 | Comments (10)

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27.12.2010 - 05:45
Stay (sic)
Nothings Wrong, I Could Care Less, And Meet the Wretched, and Devils Son are Definitely the best songs on this Album.
Zachy (;
17.09.2011 - 10:05
Rating: 9
People hate on Dez, because of Coal Chamber which is retarded. This album isn't their best by any means... But I see a 5.0 review above and someone is clearly and idiot! It's catchy, it's heavy, it's angry, and its got groove! Fuck the haters this album is awesome!!
24.05.2012 - 06:35
Rating: 10
Best album by Devildriver \m/
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