Rain - XXX [Compilation]

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Release date: 12 October 2011
Style: Heavy metal

01. Energy
02. Whiskey On The Route 666
03. Blood Sport
04. Rain Revolution
05. The Gate
06. Born To Kill
07. We Want R'N'R
08. In The Night
09. End Of Time
10. Only Your Dreams
11. Fight For The Power
12. Only For The Rain Crew
13. Rain Are Us [acoustic version]

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Rain is one of Italy's best-kept secrets in the hard rock scene, or so it seems nowadays since I hadn't come across their music so far. So as to celebrate their 30 years of existence the band re-recorded and re-arranged some of their most well-known compositions with their recent line-up and composed a new one, "Whiskey On The Route 666". As the utterly representative cover artwork indicates, all you have to expect is pure hard rock from the past straight to the present which comes under the title XXX.

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