Accept - Stalingrad

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Release date: 6 April 2012
Style: Heavy metal


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01. Hung, Drawn And Quartered
02. Stalingrad
03. Hellfire
04. Flash To Bang Time
05. Shadow Soldiers
06. Revolution
07. Against The World
08. Twist Of Fate
09. The Quick And The Dead
10. Never Forget [bonus]
11. The Galley

The best Heavy / Melodic Metal album of 2012

Additional info
Subtitle: "Brothers in Death"

"Stalingrad" will be made available in the following formats:
Limited CD + DVD
2 LP (red) in gatefold
2 LP (white / red) in gatefold - exclusive Nuclear Blast mailorder edition

Limited edition includes following bonus track:
10. Never Forget (4:52)

DVD contents:

Official Bootleg - Live at Bang Your Head!!! 2011
01. Princess of the Dawn
02. Pandemic
03. No Shelter

Live at Masters of Rock 2010
04. Teutonic Terror
05. The Abyss

Video clips
06. Teutonic Terror
07. Pandemic

Guest review by
Valentin B
When Accept released the album Blood Of The Nations in 2010, it was regarded as the comeback of the year and even won the coveted Metal Storm Award for Best Heavy Metal Album. How does a band follow that up? Apparently Accept thought that the recipe worked just fine and decided to fix just the (few) issues that were wrong with that album and release a new one in the same vein. Andy Sneap also makes a return as the producer, and the sound can be described as clear and immense, which intensifies the experience of every track.

published 26.07.2012 | Comments (4)

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30.05.2012 - 15:48
Angelic Storm
Written by Oaken on 30.05.2012 at 15:14

Wasn't "Hung, Drawn And Quartered" a song by Cancer?

Cancer do have a song called that, but it's not the same song as the one by Accept.
30.05.2012 - 15:52
Written by Angelic Storm on 30.05.2012 at 15:48

Written by Oaken on 30.05.2012 at 15:14

Wasn't "Hung, Drawn And Quartered" a song by Cancer?

Cancer do have a song called that, but it's not the same song as the one by Accept.

I knew it, but it really confused me at first
In that case, man is only air as well.
04.07.2012 - 07:24
Rating: 8
Mountain King
K i K o
Favorite songs: Hung Drawn & Quartered, Hellfire and Flash To Bang Time...
16.08.2012 - 00:13
Rating: 8
Yeah this is a really good album. I actually prefer it to 'Blood of the Nations', purely because the album length is more to my liking. 'Blood of the Nations' seemed to be a bit too lengthy for its own good, whereas 'Stalingrad' has room enough for those heavy riffs and great grooves. 'Hung Drawn and Quartered', the title track and 'The quick and the Dead' are just great. A couple of songs get a it boring, but apart from that 'Stalingrad' shows that German Heavy Metal can still kick a lot of arse.
22.08.2012 - 20:37
Bad English
BTW today I was listening it and it sounds to me like Ive been listening X Wild or lil close to X Wild, great great album
Life is to short for LOVE, there is many great things to do online !!!

Stormtroopers of Death - ''Speak English or Die''

I better die, because I never will learn speek english, so I choose dieing
22.08.2012 - 23:59
Heaven Knight
Cant really say i was enjoying this...dunno if it is Accept's fault or mine...
My rest seems now calm and deep
Finally I got my dead man sleep

23.08.2012 - 18:33
Account deleted
Written by Ellrohir on 22.08.2012 at 23:59

Cant really say i was enjoying this...dunno if it is Accept's fault or mine...

23.08.2012 - 18:42
Marcel Hubregtse
Grumpy Old Fuck
Written by Ellrohir on 22.08.2012 at 23:59

Cant really say i was enjoying this...dunno if it is Accept's fault or mine...

Accept's buyt then again how many albums have they made which are totally enjoyable? I can think of only one... Restless & Wild
Member of the true crusade against European Flower Metal

Yesterday is dead and gone, tomorrow is out of sight
Dawn Crosby (r.i.p.)
05.04.1963 - 15.12.1996

07.10.2012 - 22:28
Rating: 7
Thor Meister
This is a really good album by Accept. I think the best tracks are "Hung, Drawn, and Quartered", "Stalingrad", "Hellfire", "Shadow Soldier". Nothing fancy, but just great riffs/grooves and a good vocal performance by Mark Tornillo. Some of the tracks create a unique atmosphere that feels like the dread and intensity of war.
03.02.2013 - 16:26
This album is very strong and professional album. .. . . ..

It should be said that the band ACCEPT was formed in 1979 that his work began professionally and accurately ....

ACCEPT was always the best .... At any time for decades .... Because of someone like Wolf Hoffmann above his head ....

Pay attention to melody that Wolf Hoffmann made ​​the album ... How beautiful are different and "how beautiful and beautifully made ​​...

* I have no doubt that this album in the first place
03.02.2013 - 16:40
To me and many others" Tornillo could easily fill in that gap in the u.d.o.
03.02.2013 - 16:45
ACCEPT You are the best ..... I on behalf of myself and all the fans of the heavy metal band ACCEPT from country IRAN to heavy metal extraction thank for all the hard work ...

19.03.2013 - 12:30
master 666
King of Arizona
11.05.2013 - 00:29
Nemo Atkins
I'm gonna have to join the minority in the metal community and say that I don't see why Accept's reunion albums are so loved. They definitely aren't bad albums, but they don't really grab me enough for me to want to keep re-listening to them. Granted, I've not listened to any other Accept albums, so I can't say I'm the best judge on these two albums...
21.06.2016 - 22:00
Rating: 9
Now this is Heavy Metal! Powerful stuff all the way through, especially the second part of the album. The lyrics in "The Galley" sends shivers down your spine and when they speed up the chorus in "Twist of Fate" you feel a sense of completion in your life! And then we haven't even mentioned the best song yet, "Never Forget", only need two words to describe that song! LET'S ROLL!
04.10.2016 - 19:04
Rating: 9
Another strong 21st century Accept album. I have no problem Accepting the fact that this band is probably currently the most noteworthy old school HM band still around
You Think It Is My Chastity Belt But They Are My True Metal Underpants
04.01.2019 - 15:41
Rating: 7
Maasai Mara
Oh look, it's us Accept. big fucking surprise, predictable as hell but tolerable.
You are not metal enough until you visit Kenya. The cradle of mankind, where man learnt first to work with stones and first enjoyed the sounds produced by banging stones which later influenced metal in all its sounds and genres.

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