Dethcentrik - Why Do The Innocent Die Young

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Release date: 2011
Style: Industrial metal

01. The Demise Of Mankind
02. If Only
03. Rip My Heart Out
04. Columbine Justice Free
05. Realms Yet Unknown

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What is this supposed to be? Why Do The Innocent Die Young? That's what I've been wondering for years now; the answer to all those years of searching for a delightful answer must be this album. Past generations died as innocent victims because the prophets foretold its arrival, present generations will die because it has arrived and the future ones will hopefully avoid it for God's sake. The cauldrons of Hell are burning in ecstasy; Dethcentrik's first full length (as far as I am aware of) has come to the surface and along with it the seven Plagues of Egypt. Why Do The Innocent Die Young has to be its title and I feel quite innocent I dare say; and dead.

published 04.10.2011 | Comments (11)

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