Marilyn Manson - Refrigerator [Demo]

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Release date: 17 January 1993
Style: Industrial rock, Alternative metal, Industrial metal

Side A

01. Cake and Sodomy
02. Suicide Snowman
03. My Monkey
04. Lunchbox

Side B

01. Thrift
02. Filth
03. Wrapped in Plastic
04. Dope Hat

Additional info
Refrigerator is the ninth demo by Marilyn Manson, released on January 17, 1993 at the band's performance at the Fort Lauderdale club Rosebud's; this sale was promoted beforehand on advertisements for the show. It is the last demo the band issued before recording their first major label release, Portrait of an American Family, on Trent Reznor's vanity label, Nothing Records. Of the 100 copies that were pressed, each was hand signed a corresponding number, and each copy contained one original piece of "refrigerator art". The cassette was titled after the incident where following the murders of Leno and Rosemary LaBianca on August 10, 1969, Patricia Krenwinkel, a member of the infamous Manson Family, wrote the phrase "HEALTER SKELTER" (a misspelling of the title of the popular Beatles song) on the LaBianca's refrigerator using a blood-soaked piece of paper.
The version of "Dope Hat" that appears on Refrigerator is the exact same recording that is featured on The Family Jams Albeit, With a sound byte of Charles Manson as an Intro. Tracks 1-4 can aslo be found on the Live as Hell Cassette. In the credits section, the words, "Spread me open, stuck to my ribs, are all your infants in abortion cribs," would later be reworked into the song "Man That You Fear." Contrary to popular belief. The Version of Thrift Found on Refrigerator and Live as Hell is not the same version from the
unreleased Thrift (cassette) Demo


extra special thanks go to
EVERYONE, who has helped and
supported Marilyn Manson for the
past 3 years. We love you more
than you know.

printing courtesy of COPYright staff
(Paul Jenkins, Deidre, Ian, Todd),
tape mastering courtesy of T.A.G.R.
and pig studios.
tape duplication by Audiocraft.
band photo by Loree Weirdo.
liner art by M. Manson
cover design: D. Berkowitz
hair by Christopher
tattoos by Donovan
live crew consists of : Kurt Moody,
Anton, Wade (killer), Ed, Fish.
live sound by Jeremy
merchandise courtesy of Satan's
Bakesale (staff: Arleen, Roby, Missy,

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