Marilyn Manson - Lest We Forget: The Best Of [Compilation]

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Release date: 28 September 2004
Style: Industrial rock, Industrial metal


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Disc I

01. The Love Song
02. Personal Jesus [Depeche Mode cover]
04. The Fight Song
05. Tainted Love
06. The Dope Show
07. This Is The New Shit
08. Disposable Teens
09. Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) [Eurythmics cover]
10. Lunchbox
11. Tourniquet
12. Rock Is Dead
13. Get Your Gunn
14. The Nobodies
15. Long Hard Road Out Of Hell
16. The Beautiful People
17. The Reflecting God
18. (s)AINT [International bonus]
19. Irresponsible Hate Anthem [UK/Japanese bonus]
20. Coma White [Japanese bonus]

Disc II [DVD]

01. Personal Jesus [International Bonus]
02. (s)AINT [International Bonus]
03. This Is the New Shit
04. Mobscene
05. The Nobodies
06. The Fight Song
07. Disposable Teens
08. Coma White
09. Rock Is Dead
10. I Don't Like the Drugs (But the Drugs Like Me)
11. The Dope Show
12. Long Hard Road out of Hell
13. Cryptorchid
14. Man That You Fear
15. Tourniquet
16. The Beautiful People
17. Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)
18. Dope Hat
19. Lunchbox
20. Get Your Gunn

Disc III [Japanese Bonus DVD]

01. Next Motherfucker [remix]
02. The Not-So Beautiful People
03. The Horrible People
04. Tourniquet [Prosthetic Dance Mix Edit]
05. I Don't Like the Drugs (But the Drugs Like Me) [Danny Saber Remix]
06. Working Class Hero [John Lennon cover]
07. The Fight Song [Slipknot Remix]
08. mOBSCENE [Sauerkraut Remix] [Rammstein Mix]

Disc IV [(s)AINT Bonus DVD]

+ Uncut, Unrated, Banned by the Label, unreleased video for '(s)AINT'

Additional info
The video for "(s)AINT" on the Japanese deluxe edition would be uncut if it were not for 2 seconds worth of material: at the 2:07 and 2:10- 2:11 in the video, it shows a vagina, and is blurred out due to Japanese laws, regarding nudity in video.

The DVD contains several easter eggs. There is a video of Manson's autopsy which can be found by highlighting his crotch in the special features menu. There is also the making of the "Mobscene" video (otherwise found on a limited edition single) and the performance version of the "Disposable Teens" video, which was shown on most television channels pre-watershed, because of the "disturbing" content in the original version.

"(s)AINT" Bonus DVD:

Consumers who ordered either the CD/DVD combo or just the CD edition of Lest We Forget off of Marilyn Manson's Official Website also received a Bonus DVD featuring the "Uncut, Unrated, Banned by the Label, unreleased video for '(s)AINT'". The music video was produced over two days in a Los Angeles hotel room and directed by Asia Argento. While presented as an "exclusive" the "(s)AINT" video was also available on some editions of Lest We Forget distributed overseas and still is on all R-rated versions in Australia.

On July 22, 2008. Korea released special edition of the album. The album released in a Digi-pak casing with the bonus tracks "(s)AINT" and "Irresponsible Hate Anthem", DVD and the live album The Last Tour on Earth. It does not include "Coma White" on the CD, nor the "(s)AINT" video on the DVD.

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