Kilmara - Don't Fear The Wolf

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Release date: 31 May 2010
Style: Heavy metal, Progressive power metal


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01. Inside The Darkness
02. The Dark Inside - Don't Fear The Wolf
03. Rock The Night
04. All You Need Is Pray
05. Blindfold
06. The Dark Inside - You Better Run
07. Vampire Of Love
08. Let Sadness Be Destiny
09. You Left Without A Reason
10. You Won't Live Forever
11. The Deceit
12. The Dark Inside - Show Me The Way
13. Dakujem Castle

Christian Kohl - vocals
Jonathan Portillo Buhajar - guitars, backing vocals
Enrique Torres - guitars, backing vocals
Javier Morillo Sánchez - drums
Salvador Pérez Alonso - bass

Guest musicians
Nuria Martorell - vocals
Roland Grapow - guitars
Ester Raventós - backing vocals

Additional info
Producer: Roland Grapow.
Cover art: Abel Portillo.

Guest review by
Kilmara's Don't Fear The Wolf is an album of a bunch of almosts. Its cover? Almost badass. The music on it? Pretty much the same thing. It's almost catchy, almost heavy, and almost worth listening to.

To be fair though, taken at face value, it's slightly above average; the riffing and soloing and drumming are all technically solid, most of the time. The vocals aren't all that terrible, and the production is passable. Thing is, if you're looking to make your way into a movement that's been around for decades and decades, you've got to have more than just good guitar work and not-so-awful vocals. You've got to be unique and/or comprehensively passionate and energetic. And I don't get the impression that Kilmara are either of those things on this. Choosing to listen to Don't Fear The Wolf over the NWOBHM classics or some of the better modern heavy metal albums just doesn't make much sense.

published 04.11.2011 | Comments (9)

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