Castillion - Pieces Of A Shattered Me

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Release date: 2011
Style: Progressive metal


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01. Cruel Sands Of Time
02. When Reality Distracts
03. Out Of Reach
04. Into The Lion's Den
05. Rust On The Razor
06. Departure
07. Whispers Turn Into Cries
08. House Of Cards
09. Fragments
10. With A Clouded Mind
11. Hollow
12. Shattered

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Castillion are an unsigned foursome from Sweden and this is their second full-length, described in their bio as an attempt to add heavy and progressive elements to melodic power metal. Now, when bands are labelled as power gone prog, it's usually either merely dark and quirky (like recent turns of Sonata Arctica and Kamelot), or the dude in charge of the description forgot to mention that he considers everything with a 10+ minute song and "smart" lyrics to be a progressive album. This is not the case with Castillion who play power metal with substance heavily tinged with real progressive metal (or vice versa?) which lands them somewhere in the territory of Symphony X and Pagan's Mind.

published 06.11.2011 | Comments (5)

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