Degenerate - Demo 2003 [Demo]

Release date: 31 January 2003
Style: Melodic death metal

01. Blinded
02. Displacement
03. This Bleeding
04. Victim

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For a country that has approximately 6 million habitants, Finland has a great deal of Metal bands, I wish we have as much bands as up there (Peru has 28 million habitants, and not even half of Metal bands that Finland have).

Statistics aside, we have yet another Metal band coming from Finland, this time, Degenerate present us their first Demo, and they're playing Melodic Death Metal. Wait, don't push the back button, and keep reading, I know many of you are tired of these Melodeath bands, all playing Gothenburg style and everything, but I assure you that Degenerate are different, well, maybe not THAT different from the rest of the pack, but at least they're good, that's got to worth something right?

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